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About Man with One Pan

Welcome to Man with One Pan, your new go-to blog for simple recipes using, you guessed it, one pan.

So, who’s the man with the pan? My name is Mason Woodruff, and I’ve been a food blogger for the past six years. There’s a chance you’ve stumbled upon one of my blogs like Kinda Healthy Recipes or With the Woodruffs.

Either way, I got my start in food blogging after finishing a nutrition and food science degree without any idea on how to use that degree. After a few years working as a personal trainer and creating health and fitness content, food and recipe content gradually became my bread and butter.

And since then, it’s been pretty much all food, all the time. I’ve created more than 750 recipes over the years across my blogs and as the former Food Dude for Stronger U.

As you can probably guess, many recipes on Man with One Pan are on the lower calorie side. But don’t let that scare you away, there are plenty of not-so-healthy, full-flavor recipes on the site as well. I do my best to blend my experience with “healthy” cooking and ingredient substitutions with simple cooking. You’ll find plenty of ingredient notes in every post. And if you don’t, I’m happy to answer any questions you might have in the comments section of any post.

Have a business inquiry? Email me at [email protected] or let’s connect on LinkedIn.